President Hu Jintao Friday asked world leaders to continue with their stimulus packages in a more coordinated way to promote recovery. Hu Addresses G20 Leaders Push Economic Reforms  Analysis: encouraging yields, challenges remain
The world's major nuclear powers should make "drastic and substantive" cuts to their arsenals and strive to make the planet nuclear-free, President Hu Jintao told national leaders in New York.
Many high-level international meetings have been held to fight the global financial crisis since September 2008 when the Wall Street investment bank giant Lehman Brothers collapsed.
World leaders returned home after backing a new vision for economic governance, with bold plans to fix global imbalances and give more clout to emerging giants such as China and India.
I hope China will categorically outline her stance on vital international issues. I would be totally disappointed if deliberations after this UN summits turn out to be "the same old wine in old cups."
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