President Hu Jintao has called China's 30-year reforms a new type of "great revolution" and urged the country to press forward.
We're often advised to enjoy the journey more than the goal. In that case, you'd better be quick if you want to savor the bullet train to Tianjin.
China Daily
China's fixed asset investment for railways climbed 61.1 percent year on year to 255.6 billion yuan ($37.42 billion) in the first ten months of this year.
No time has been more exciting than the day when Tsingtao Beer became the first mainland company to be listed on an overseas exchange.
Fifteen-year-old Xiao Peng was not crazy about China's decision to implement a five-and-a-half-day beginning in May 1994.
Farming in China still has a long way to go to become truly modernized and efficient. Feeding the 1.3-billion population still remains a challenge.