Fighting a backlash: Chinese businesses abroad
When Russian authorities closed Cherkizovsky market in June, citing smuggling concerns, it raised questions about whether the shutdown was a justified response to real violations of the law, or simply a targeted operation to remove legal Chinese competition.

Problems of integration overseas are not limited to Russia – a fact highlighted by a recent street brawl in Algeria between Chinese immigrants and local Algerians.

More than 10 Chinese injured in clash with Algerians
Chinese merchants released in Russia
Chinese-Algerian Clash
About 10 Chinese were injured and five Chinese-owned shops were looted in the fighting on Monday in Chinatown in Algiers.
More than 10 Chinese injured in clash with Algerians
More than 10 Chinese were injured during a recent clash between Chinese businessmen and local people in Algiers.
Algerian-Chinese clash an isolated case: Ambassador
A recent brawl between some local Algerians and some Chinese in Algiers was an isolated public security case that must be resolved according to law, the Chinese ambassador to Algeria said.

Russia Closes Cherkizovsky Market
Cherkizovsky Market, which is the biggest daily wholesale market in Eastern Europe, was shut down on June 29 by the local authorities after inspectors found sanitary and storage violations.
Chinese Businessmen Bear the Brunt
240+ Chinese detained in Russia clampdown
China Thursday called upon Russia to guarantee the rights of Chinese businesspeople and workers after reports said more than 240 Chinese had been detained.
$2b in stock stuck in Moscow's grey limbo
Russian authorities also confiscated $2 billion of alleged "smuggled" goods from the Chinese sellers after the Cherkizovsky Market was shut down for "sanitary and fire violations" on June 29, media reports said.
Gray Customs Clearance in Focus
Russia, China vow to block 'gray customs' channels
China said Monday it will work with Russia to restrict the so-called "gray customs clearance" system in a bid to reverse a decline in bilateral trade.
Victims of Russia's flawed policy
Chinese businesspeople have long been exporting goods to Russia by chartered flights and paying farming taxes - a type of customs clearance that is at a 6 to 7 percent discount to the official levy.
Possible Solutions
Chinese shopping mall to be built in closed Cherkizovsky Market
A Chinese shopping mall will be built in the place of the closed Cherkizovsky Market besides a residential sector and a park, a Moscow official said Wednesday.

Cherkizovsky Market closure heralds transformation of trade
The two sides should promptly initiate a customs cooperation mechanism, and develop a work plan to stop illegal activities including "grey customs clearance," regulate customs declaration channels and raise customs clearance efficiency.


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Vendors fight to stay afloat after market closure

Chinese merchants released

Traders leave Cherkizovsky market
Future for Chinese Businessmen Abroad
Protecting Chinese businessmen abroad
It is estimated that tens of millions of Chinese businessmen have gone to almost 170 countries and regions. It is important and urgent to take more efforts to fully protect these people's interests and rights.
Spanish Arson a Warning to 'Made in China'
This incident sounds a warning to China's developing foreign trade sector that "made in China" commodities need to go beyond ultra-low pricing to establish their position in the long term.

Other Regions

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