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Those 'not-sexy' companies that ship your stuff face risks

[2014-02-26 11:40]

The logistics industry isn't one of those sexy ones, like computing or automobiles. As a result, average consumers in China are probably unaware of its role.

Businesses that can bridge two worlds have the advantage

[2014-02-25 11:50]

The Lee family is one successful Chinese small business owner of many that are rapidly growing across the United States.

An (olive) 'oil change' may be China's latest health craze

[2014-02-24 10:45]

She switched to olive oil for cooking because it's "more healthy". And in a nation combating an obesity problem, that's a good thing.

US needs to do more to attract foreign direct investment: UHY study

[2014-02-20 11:20]

The study finds that the US imposes relatively high tax rates, which is a disincentive to investors.

China-US relations no Hollywood script

[2014-02-19 11:31]

The makeover would alter the US-China relationship but in the wake of the 2008 crisis, both economies face urgent and mutually beneficial rebalancing.

Smithfield, where ham still rules

[2014-02-18 10:48]

Sharing the same building with the town's visitor center is an arts center, where several resident artists create and exhibit their work.

Lessons from the SEC the Big 4

[2014-02-17 10:59]

Time and energy would be better spent concentrating on the lessons of the cross-border listings debacle that underpin this case and on preventing it from happening again.

Traffic congestion seen as cutting car buying in China

[2014-02-13 10:52]

China's love affair with the automobile has been hot and heavy. Now cities fed up with traffic congestion are slamming the brakes on new-vehicle registration.

CVS sets example for China's tobacco fight

[2014-02-12 14:33]

The announcement by CVS Caremark that it will stop selling tobacco at its more than 7,600 CVS/pharmacy stores has been widely welcomed as a courageous decision to help people kick the habit.

Families of Chinese victims seek justice in US courts - and they are finding it

[2014-02-10 10:46]

For Chinese students headed for higher education in the US, safety concerns are becoming a top priority.

Uber taxi-finding service entering a price war in China

[2014-02-05 11:54]

The San Francisco-based Uber is vowing to play a role in building the new system for transportation and urban logistics that is redefining the way that people experience first-tier cities in China.

Women are now taking over luxury shopping in China

[2014-02-04 12:02]

Luxury brands have responded in kind, shifting their focus to cater to female shoppers.

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