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Ukraine celebrates April Fool's Day with humor festivals

Updated: 2011-04-02 09:43
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KIEV - Large festivals dedicated to April Fool's Day were held in the Ukrainian cities on Friday. April 1 is a day of humor in Ukraine.

Odessa is the city situated at the South region is considered to be the most famous place of humour and jokes in the Post Soviet countries. It is the only one place in Ukraine where special festival so-called Humorina took place. It was accompanied with a great carnival and unusual performances.

The first of April became an official holiday in Odessa. Nearly 200,000people participated in "Humorina" celebrations.

A huge clown festival was a part of Humorina. A total of 17 clown troops participated at the celebration. There were not only Ukrainian artists but also guests from Israel, Britain and Russia.

April Fool's Day was also marked in Kiev. The humor lovers staged a office chairs distillation on the main street of the capital. In Europe such competitions have become a tradition but in Kiev they passed the first time. Contest winners earned new office chairs as a reward.

Those who were not interested in such entertainment were singing karaoke, watching an exhibition of cartoons and drawing cartoons.