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All ASEAN Plus Six leaders evacuated safely
Updated: 2009-04-11 21:11

PATTAYA -- The Thai government's declaration of the state of emergency on Saturday in beach resort Pattaya in central Thailand is aimed to ensure security for all of the ASEAN Plus Six leaders to return home, said Thai Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Teuaksuan.

And, in light of the Emergency Decree, all of the leaders had been evacuated safely from the ASEAN summit's venue, the deputy prime minister told reporters Saturday evening.  

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All ASEAN Plus Six leaders evacuated safely 14th ASEAN Summit

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"The last leader who left the ASEAN summit's venue at around 17: 30 pm local time was Brunei's leader, His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Waddaulah," said Suthep.

The Emergency Decree has been declared in a bid to ensure security for the leaders after the red-shirted protesters run into the venue of the ASEAN Plus Three meeting, said Suthep.

"The Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva hence had to postpone the meeting and apologized the leaders about this, while the other leaders have understood the situation and sympathized the Thai government," said Suthep.

The deputy prime minister said the government had arranged cars, boats and helicopters to evacuate the leaders to the airport.

"No one is wrong after the summit was canceled," said Suthep.

The government would not blame the security forces deployed at the ASEAN summit venue, while the government had ordered them to handle the protesters without weapons, said Suthep.

However, Suthep conceded without the weapons among the security forces might be one crucial reason that resulted in easily entering in to the ASEAN summit's venue by the red-shirted protesters on Saturday afternoon.

The Thai government will review security measures prior to the new summit to be scheduled in the future, said Suthep.