Japanese fare with a Taiwan twist

By Liu Zhihua ( China Daily ) Updated: 2016-11-19 10:34:28

Japanese fare with a Taiwan twist

Mosaic sushi platter [Photo provided to China Daily]

While the sushi and sashimi are must-haves, for their beautiful presentation, freshness and taste, there are also appetizers, such as mixed okra, lobster salad and avocado and vegetable salad.

The lobster salad, a combination of lobster, corn, and potato, is delicious.

The salt grilled prawn is also a must-have. Here, chefs wrap big prawns in salt and grill them.

Among the other choices are grilled beef and pan-fried cod.

But of all the treats on offer, the eel stands out.

All eels served at the restaurant come from Fujian province. Each of the eels, which are alive, weighs less than a kilogram, because young eels taste better, are softer, and have fewer bones.

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