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Top 10 Best China Daily Videos

Editor's Note:

2010 was a big year for China and the rest of the world. And China Daily's multimedia team was there to show you video of the biggest stories and most interesting events and people of the year.

As the year's end approaches, we can only wonder what may happen in 2011. But if we learned anything from this year's happenings, we all have a lot to look forward to. Happy New Year.

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Top 10 Best China Daily Videos

World Cup Mania: Football babe?

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa attracted attention from football fans around the globe. Exciting goals, miraculous saves and inspiring footballers grabbed the international spot light and didn't let go. But the players weren't the only thing people enjoyed watching at this year's tournament. Football babes gained international attention, too. This was the story of one Chinese football babe.

Top 10 Best China Daily Videos

Say it in Shanghai

The World Cup is arguably the most culturally diverse event in the world, but it was not the only one in 2010. Shanghai, China hosted this year's World Expo. Tourists from all over the world came to learn about and enjoy other countries. And to help them get around, we taught foreigners how to communicate in the "Shanghai Dialect" series.

Top 10 Best China Daily Videos

A calligraphy postgraduate

While communication may have been a challenge for foreigners visiting Shanghai, one thing is for certain: new technology has made communication faster and easier. But not everyone is succumbing to new forms of chatting, like text messaging and microblogging. One postgraduate tells us how he is preserving the art of writing with calligraphy.

Top 10 Best China Daily Videos

Shoushan stone carving

And that's not the only art worth preserving. One Chinese family is dedicated to passing on the traditional and nearly lost art of Shoushan stone carving.

Top 10 Best China Daily Videos

Bad news became good news in case of Chilean mine rescue

Not all news was good news in 2010, but some of the best news came from the most unexpected situations. Thirty three Chilean miners were stuck underground for more than 2 months when their mine collapsed. But after gaining international attention and reach out for help from international companies, the miners were rescued one-by-one to the delight of their families. Chilean President Sebastian Pinera sat down with China Daily in an exclusive interview.

Top 10 Best China Daily Videos

Field of Dreams

For the families of those miners, 2010 was a year when their dreams became reality. And the same could be said for some Chinese children, as well. One man has taken a whole team of Chinese boys under his watch to give them a better life. He feeds them, provides them shelter and teaches them life's most important lessons through the sport of baseball.

Top 10 Best China Daily Videos

The post-80s generation in China

2010 was also a major milestone for China's post-80s generation. As the batch begins to turn 30 this year, they have are set to become the forefront of Chinese business, politics and culture. The generation has been called selfish and irresponsible, but now they are working on changing those stereotypes and becoming major contributors to society. We took a look at how they are coping with this enormous responsibility.

Top 10 Best China Daily Videos

Taking X-rated out of pole dancing

Though the generation may be getting older, many are finding unique ways to maintain their youth. Pole dancing was once reserved for the privacy of gentleman's clubs, but now many Chinese women are dancing on the pole as a form of exercise and as a way to boost their self-confidence. Cicillia Yang opened her studio Pussy Cat Dance to help them do just that.

Top 10 Best China Daily Videos

Search for the snow monkey

This year's top 10 videos weren't always the most popular, and in some cases, they were made to uncover secrets of the Earth. In one video, China Daily went on a hunt through Yunnan province to find the mysterious snow monkey, a rare species hiding out in isolated forests in the province's northern region.

Top 10 Best China Daily Videos

Octorber snow covers Tianshan Gorge

And speaking of snow, winter is finally here. While Beijing is still awaiting its first snow fall of the season, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region was blanketed months ago in November. China Daily was there reporting on the area's rapidly developing industries when they met a sheep herder with his flock and captured some of this year's most beautiful scenery on camera.