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UK Pavilion-a symbol of creativity

Updated: 2010-07-01 10:26

The UK, with its millions of gardens, thousands of public parks and garden squares, has pioneered the integration of nature into cities as a way of making them healthier places in which to live and work. The UK Pavilion encourages you to look at the role of nature and wonder whether it could be used to solve the current social, economic and environmental challenges of our cities.

The UK Pavilion was designed as a dramatic demonstration of UK innovation and creativity. The walkways and the seed cathedral, together with the surrounding landscape park area, provide a story rich in content that incorporates the UK's past and present and demonstrates its leading role in architecture, biodiversity and science and technology.

The landscape park area, which is a venue for public performances, demonstrates the UK's history of arts and culture, and the openness of its society by hosting performances both classical and cutting-edge.

Video: Huang Lan & Flora Yue