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A coat of bees weighing 109.05 kg

( Updated: 2015-05-26 11:40

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A coat of bees weighing 109.05 kg

Gao Bingguo, a beekeeper, is covered with 109.05 kg of bees all over his body, in Liangzhuang town of Taishan city, East China’s Shandong province, on May 25. [Photo/CFP]

109.05 kg of bees cover bare body

A beekeeper in East China's Shandong province dressed himself in the world's heaviest "bee coat", to hair-raising effect.

Gao Bingguo, 55, broke the world record of having the greatest mass of bees covering his bare body, with millions of bees landing on him, in Liangzhuang town of Taishan city, on May 25, reported.

The bees settling on him weighed a total of 109.05 kg, breaking the world record last year of 85.5 kg, also held by Gao.

He got several stings during the process.

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