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Nanjing's biggest private garden to open for May Day holiday

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-04-28 14:28 Comments

Nanjing's biggest private garden to open for May Day holiday

Yu Garden, the biggest private garden in Nanjing, will open for visitors on May 1, just in time for the upcoming May Day holiday, one of the country's peak tourism periods.[Photo/IC]


Yu Garden, with a history stretching back to the end of the Qing Dynasty, is a household name in Nanjing. It was a private establishment built by retired official Hu Enxie, who wanted to provide a good residence for his mother.

The name "Yu" means foolishness, which is a humble expression in Chinese culture that derives from the saying, “A man of great wisdom often appears to be slow-witted”, but because of the surname of the host, the garden was also known as Hu's Family Garden.

The garden originally had 36 attractions but after an expansion in 1915 by Hu Enxie's son, Hu Guangguo, 34 attractions were added, so the number totaled 70. However, the garden suffered serious damage during warfare. A renovation project started in May 2011, aiming to fully restore the garden to its original layout and historical appearance.

After the opening on Labor Day, Yu Garden, which embodies both mesmerizing natural scenery and a rich cultural landscape, is expected to become a landmark attraction in Nanjing's old town area.

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