12th CAEXPO Light Industrial Exhibition


12th CAEXPO Light Industrial Exhibition

The 12th CAEXPO Light Industrial Exhibition kicked off at the Nanning China South City on Sept 18.

The Light Industrial Exhibition this year covers an area of 10,000 square meters and accommodating 600 booths. The exhibiting enterprises include those from Chinese provinces like Guangdong, Fujian and Hubei, ASEAN countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, Lao PDR and Malaysia, countries along the Belt and Road including Pakistan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrghyzstan, Russian and Morocco, and RCEP members like Korea and Japan. In addition, enterprises from Hong Kong, the City of Charm of the 12th CAEXPO are also exhibiting their products. Taiwan-based enterprises showcase the cross-strait cooperation in agriculture, fishery, economy and trade, exchanges in science & technology and culture.

This year's Light Industrial Exhibition has attracted more Chinese and international exhibitors, who showcase a large variety of distinctive exhibits. The Exhibition showcases four major categories of commodities including consumer goods, arts and crafts, consumer electronics and home decorations, which to be more specific include artworks, jewelry and accessories, art pottery, hanging decorations, small hardware, plastic products, cultural and education products, daily groceries, detergents, kitchen products, household appliances and audio/video products. A Pakistani enterprise is showcasing exotic and purely handmade carpet while a Turkey company exhibiting fine lacquerware and bronze ware.

A host of forums and conferences on specific fields and diversified programs are arranged during the exhibition, which will create more business opportunities for the participants including trade matching programs for light industrial products. While the inaugural ceremony of the international pavilion of the China-ASEAN Plaza, WeChat Alliance – Entrepreneur Leadership Forum, E-Commerce Forum and Promotion Conference on the Development and Plan of China South City E-commerce Industrial Park will also take place at the exhibition.

The CAEXPO, since its birth, has put the China-ASEAN cooperation on all fronts into a new high dimension, which also boosts trade in light industrial products between the two sides.