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Trump will find thereis no quick fix to end war in Afghanistan

[2017-08-23 15:01]

In a rare prime time national address outlining his Afghanistan strategy on Monday night, US President Donald Trump ruled out a quick withdrawal of US troops, saying that a rapid exit of the US troops would have unacceptable consequences and “create a vacuum” that the Islamic State and al-Qaida would fill.

US military ties with Taiwan will damage relations

[2017-07-28 07:17]

The latest US bill, if written into law, will set two troubling precedents for Washington's relations with Taiwan, and subsequently damage Sino-US relations.

It's time Japan stopped dreaming TPP

[2017-07-22 07:08]

Negotiators from the 11 remaining members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement held a meeting in Japan's hot-spring resort town of Hakone last week where they decided to push ahead with the agreement without any significant changes.

Japan should repent its past before trying to become normal nation

[2017-06-28 06:56]

Last week, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces helicopter destroyer sailed near China's Nine-Dash Line in the South China Sea with military officials from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations member states on board as guests. And before that, in mid June, the Izumo joined the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier in the South China Sea for a three-day exercise.

Australia risks losing benefits by being biased against China

[2017-06-15 07:12]

A worrying and dangerous trend has been noticed among media outlets and the political establishment in Australia, which threatens to squander what the country has achieved from its healthy and growing partnership with China.

Moon raises hopes of restoring peace on Peninsula

[2017-05-18 07:22]

Moon's election has presented a good opportunity to undo the damage caused by the ROK' s decision to deploy THAAD and put bilateral ties back on the right track.

Winds of change in Manila bring welcome relief

[2017-05-12 07:13]

China-Philippines ties are back on the right track, and the two sides have signed an array of bilateral agreements of cooperation that will bring mutual benefit.

THAAD can further complicate situation on Korean Peninsula

[2017-05-03 07:28]

Such political calculation is dangerous because it can further complicate the already complex and volatile situation on the peninsula, and once the situation goes out of control, no party can emerge as a winner.

Bilateral mechanism can help deepen trust with Australia

[2017-04-26 07:19]

International relations experts more or less agree that while Barack Obama was the US president there was strategic mutual distrust between China and the United States largely because of the latter's strategic "pivot" to Asia strategy, which was actually intended at containing China's rise.

Iran nuke deal shows how to resolve DPRK issue

[2017-04-07 07:22]

All parties therefore should exercise utmost restraint, as any misstep at this stage could lead to irreversible consequences.

ROK must realize only talks can make DPRK see value of peace

[2017-03-23 08:01]

The United States and the Republic of Korea began their annual military exercises, codenamed Key Resolve and Foal Eagle, on the Korea Peninsula earlier this month. Simultaneously, the US has resorted to war rhetoric, fueling concerns over the already volatile situation on the peninsula.

Opportunity for ROK to change THAAD policy

[2017-03-15 08:21]

The unprecedented ruling of the Republic of Korea's constitutional court on Friday made Park Geun-hye the first president to be removed from office after impeachment.

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