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New stars in China's Olympic team

Updated: 2008-08-01 15:11


The file photo taken on May 2, 2005 shows China's Guo Yue competing in the second round match of the women's singles at the 48th World Table Tennis Championships in Shanghai, eastern China.  [Xinhua]

Guo Yue, a 20-year-old table tennis player of China, defeated her compatriot Li Xiaoxia and won the women's singles crown at the 49th World Table Tennis Championships in Zagreb in 2007.

Guo and her teammate Niu Jianfeng claimed the bronze title of the women's doubles during the Athens Olympics.

China named 639 athletes to contest 38 disciplines of all 28 sports for the Beijing Olympics in a low-profile ceremony last Friday.

Those uprising stars among the Chinese delegation attracted much attention as they are also medalist hopefuls in this Olympics.
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