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[2018-10-19 10:04]

Capitol idea - Sacramento, CA


[2018-09-28 10:53]

Happy Birthday - New York


[2018-09-21 10:05]

Deeper ties - Houston


[2018-09-14 10:17]

Confucius says - Fremont, CA

Top Trump aides deny writing Times op-ed

[2018-09-07 11:13]

One by one, senior officials disavow any role in the scathing opinion piece

Relations haven't reached 'tipping point' despite ongoing trade friction

[2018-09-07 11:13]

The blistering trade friction between the United States and China does not mean a tipping point for the Sino-US relationship, which is the "most consequential" in the world, experts have said.

Tariffs a bump in the road for autos

[2018-09-07 11:13]

Analysts believe that tariffs will assume a more prominent role in auto company business decisions, including virtually eliminating Chinese exports to the US, after Ford Motor Co ended plans to sell a Chinese-made vehicle because of American duties.

Painting history, emotion onto a legendary street

[2018-09-07 11:13]

Artist Chen Dongfan's mission in life is to let his art speak for itself, so he spent eight days painting an asphalt mural directly onto 4,800 square feet of Doyers Street in Manhattan's Chinatown.

In Oregon hazelnut country, tariffs unsettling

[2018-09-04 09:23]

Driving through the Willamette Valley in Oregon, which extends from Portland in the north to Eugene in the south, one can see hazelnut trees as far as the horizon.

Texas wants to continue trade with China

[2018-09-03 10:34]

While US-China trade tensions continue to escalate at the federal level, some experts and business leaders in Texas voiced the state's desire to continue its trade relationship with China.

US, China should get 'back on track'

[2018-09-03 10:34]

Seventy-five California State Assembly members on Aug 30 cast a "Yes" vote to pass a bill in Sacramento, CA, to declare that the state legislature actively supports continued coordination and collaboration between California and China.

Yuhuang's methanol project gains momentum

[2018-09-03 10:34]

Charlie Yao has a plan. He wanted to build a $1.85 billion methanol production facility on 1,200-acres of farmland in St. James Parish, Louisiana.

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