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Karamay's elderly celebrate Double Ninth Festival

By Shi Zihan Updated: 2015-10-27

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Tianyi Elderly Care Home in Karamay held cultural activities on Oct 21 to celebrate the Double Ninth Festival, a traditional festival for the elderly held on the ninth day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar.

The elderly danced and sang songs, showing their young spirit, and expressed their gratitude to the service staff at the care home and people who provided them with financial and mental support.

Chen Xinfa, Karamay's Party chief, and Zhang Hongyan, city mayor, visited the senior citizens at the care home, gave them some presents, and participated in the celebrations.

Chen asked the owner of Tianyi Care Home to improve its medical care level and pay attention to all necessary details when taking care of the elderly. He said the Karamay government would like to work together with care homes to boost local elderly caring industry.

Karamay's elderly celebrate Double Ninth Festival

Chen Xinfa, Karamay’s Party chief (R3), and Zhang Hongyan, mayor of Karamay (R2), watch senior citizens’ performance at the Tianyi Elderly Care Home on Oct 21. [Photo/epaper.kelamayi.com.cn]

Edited by Mevlut Katik