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New lodges to launch near Shanghai Disney

Updated: 2017-06-02

( China Daily USA )

The first batch of 11 bed-and-breakfast establishments are scheduled to open this month near Shanghai Disneyland, according to Jiefang Daily.

Located in Lianmin Village, a water town just 4 km away from Shanghai Disneyland, the new establishments developed by Mingzhu Fuxiang Chuansha (Shanghai) B&B Culture Co Ltd will feature different themes and offer unique activities such as porcelain-making classes and vegetable-picking. Some of the B&Bs will also be stocked with children slides and toys.

Refurbished from existing residences, the B&B businesses reflect the local government's efforts to foster urban-rural integration and create a new income source for village residents, said Wang Xiaojun, party secretary of Chuansha New Town in Pudong New District. Residents in the village rely primarily on agriculture to make a living.

The B&Bs are expected to boost the income levels of their landlords by up to 143,000 yuan ($20,891) on a 15-year tenancy. Landlords can also apply to serve as the housekeepers of these establishments by offering repair, cleaning and tour guide services for between 3,000 to 5,000 yuan per month.

As a newly emerging industry with strong growth momentum, B&B establishments listed on sites such as Airbnb, Mayiduanzu and Ctrip have been well-received by the public. However, the lack of regulation in the sector has stalled the development of such businesses. The 11 B&Bs in Lianmin Village will have all the necessary permits to operate.

Last year, the report titled Opinions on Developing Bed-and-breakfast Establishments in Pudong New District, announced the standards regarding property rights and safety requirements of such facilities for the first time.

The number of B&Bs in the village is expected to increase to 50 by the end of this year. The authorities said they will decide whether to expand such facilities in the city after evaluating the response from the public.