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China's Qixi Festival-finding love on a bus


There will be a party on two buses in the city of Changchun, Jilin province, on Aug 20, for single men and women, according to a Changchun Daily report of Aug 19, which explains that the event is for celebrating China's Qixi Festival, often referred to as Chinese Valentine's Day.

The festival actually comes on July 7 of the Chinese lunar calendar and is intended to commemorate the legendary Cowherd ("Niulang") and Weaver Girl ("Zhinv") and this year that date falls on Aug 20.

So, the public transportation people in the city got the bright idea of organizing a party on city buses to create an opportunity and a setting where single people might find that one true love, and they have decked out the two party buses with the appropriate flower decorations.

The buses will set out from the provincial library, at 3:30 pm, on Aug 20 and will be holding activities onboard to create a sweet and festive environment because, in the words of one bus company staff member, who explained their motivation, "People today are busy with their jobs and have little time to search for that right person to marry, so, we hope our activity can help them find that person."

And, fittingly, those who find their love on the party will be given sweet gifts, according to the organizers.