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Jade Dragonfly flies into Zhangjiagang opera fans' hearts

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Updated: 2016-11-18

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The smash-hit Wuxi Opera Jade Dragonfly, one of the jewels of Chinese opera, was staged at the Poly Grand Theater in Zhangjiagang on Nov 13.

Capturing the hearts and imagination of generations decades ago, Jade Dragonfly is a timeless fantasy about the true, the good and the beautiful.

The drama begins with a beautiful but heart-rending love story between Shen Guisheng and Zhi Ni, the former a young man from a wealthy family and the latter a Buddhist nun living in a Fahua nunnery. Using a jade dragonfly as a love token, the young couple pledges to one day live a happy and long life together.

<EM>Jade Dragonfly</EM> flies into Zhangjiagang opera fans' hearts

Despite his parents' plans to marry him to the daughter of a local official, Shen Guisheng keeps his promise to marry Ni Zhi. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

But the course of true love never runs smooth. Shen finds out that his parents agreed to marry him to an official's daughter before he was born. Even after he keeps his promise and marries Ni Zhi, Shen unfortunately dies of illness, leaving Ni Zhi to bring up their little son alone.

Thanks to the charity of a wealthy local family, the poor boy is healthily raised up, passes the imperial examination and finally becomes an official.

Even people who knew the story well flocked to the theater. "I used to watch the drama on DVD, but a live show makes me feel all the happiness and sorrows of the characters," said one opera fan.

Theatergoers were also pleased by the ticket prices. Ranging from just 10 yuan ($1.45) to 80 yuan, even elderly opera fans were able to afford tickets.

"This is the municipal government's gift to opera fans, as well as another demonstration of the great support and recognition it is giving the performers," said Wang Binbin Jr, the celebrated Wuxi Opera artist who played the poor boy in Jade Dragonfly.

<EM>Jade Dragonfly</EM> flies into Zhangjiagang opera fans' hearts

Shen Guisheng dies of illness and leaves Ni Zhi to bring up their little son alone. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

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