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Activity to promote environmental protection

By Lu Wei Updated: 2017-04-21

More than 200 young journalists from Baotou Xinhua took part in a tree planting activity with their families at Meiligeng scenic area in Baotou on April 8, reports Xinhua.

The young journalists are the first members of Baotou Xinhua Young Journalists.

The Xinhua Young Journalist program was launched by Xinhua News Agency, one of the biggest and most influential media organizations in China. The program aims to cultivate young people with potential journalistic talent. Xinhua Young Journalist Baotou Committee was founded in Baotou on Nov 27.

Activity to promote environmental protection

Young journalists with parents and staff members of the Xinhua Young Journalist Baotou Committee, April 8 [Photo/Xinhua]

The young journalists planted trees with help from parents and teachers of the committee.

After the tree planting activity, the young journalists were shown around Meiligeng scenic area, a new national 4A-level scenic area located in Baotou. They took part in outdoor activities aimed at promoting environmental awareness.

As the largest industrial city of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Baotou has put environmental protection on its priority list with various efforts made to promote the importance of the city’s environment. To add greenery to the city and improve its environment, Baotou launched a tree planting activity calling for citywide participation on April 15.

Activity to promote environmental protection

Young journalists plant trees in Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, April 8. [Photo/Xinhua]

Activity to promote environmental protection

Young journalists photograph trees during the activity, April 8. [Photo/Xinhua]