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Yangming Cultural Festival

By Yang Fan ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-10-31

Xiuwen is a county 38 kilometers away from Guiyang. Different from most counties, this place gains its fame from one person - Wang Shouren.

Wang, also named Wang Yangming, is regarded as a sage from Chinese history, together with the better known Confucius and Menci. He is responsible for notable achievements in philosophy, literature, military thought and education.

Actually Wang was from Zhejiang province and became famous for his talents at a very young age. However, in his thirties, because of a protest by a eunuch, he was demoted to Xiuwen, a rather backward place at the time. It was here that he set up his famous philosophy school.

Wang's philosophy was rather popular among scholars, and Xiuwen county became known to more people because of it. People still come to the county today to have a look at the cave on Qixia Mountain where Wang developed his beliefs.

To promote Wang's thought and to boost tourism, the local government is building a Yangming Culture Park at the foot of the mountain.

A 15.08 meter high statue of Wang has been set up at the entrance of the park, and it will open to the public on Oct 28.

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