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Taiwan residents join celebration of Double Ninth Festival in Pingtan village

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Updated: 2016-10-08

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Local residents in Beigang village, Liushui town participated in the celebration of the Double Ninth Festival together with Taiwan residents who have started businesses in the local area, on Oct 7, two days in advance of the actual festival day.

More than 600 villagers took part in the event, where participants expressed their respect for elderly people and filial piety with songs and dances.

Members of the Tsou ethnic tribe from Taiwan province wore traditional costume for performances amidst the festivities and celebrations.

Lin Yi-chen, a member of the tribe, said that although the rituals of celebration vary, the love and respect for elderly people, one of the traditional virtues in Chinese culture, is the same in Taiwan and the mainland.

As the fourth celebratory event the Beigang village has hosted to mark the festival, this year's event will cement ties with Taiwan residents working and living in the village who were invited to participate, according to Chen Songbo, Party secretary of the village.

On the same day, the LIushui town government staged an art show that included 18 performances provided by the elderly associations from villages in the town, such as Xinhu and Dongmei.