3rd Jilin Citizens' Cultural Festival held in Changchun

Updated: 2016-10-24

The performance of the 3rd Jilin Citizens' Cultural Festival, hosted by the Jilin provincial party committee propaganda department, was held on Oct 20 in the Changchun international conference center. More than 1400 citizens watched the performance, which was broadcast by FM96.3, the Jilin education channel, and Jilin TV.

3rd Jilin Citizens' Cultural Festival held in Changchun
Songs of the Emancipated Serfs.[Photo provided to ejilin.gov.cn]

The first chapter, called Remember Red Years, presented red and classic works. Songs of the Emancipated Serfs from Tibet showed the power and vigor of Tibetan dance. The Jiju opera Sister Jiang demonstrated the attractions of Jiju opera while Songs of On the Hopeful Fields showed the love of Jilin citizens for their province.

3rd Jilin Citizens' Cultural Festival held in Changchun
The Jiju opera Sister Jiang.[Photo provided to ejilin.gov.cn]

In the second chapter a Mongolian bowl dance showed the colorful life of Mongolian people, the Song of Time lamented the passing years and the fast pace of life, and in the Song of a Future Soldier Jilin's college students showed the vigor of the younger generation.

3rd Jilin Citizens' Cultural Festival held in Changchun
The wonderful female solo.[Photo provided to ejilin.gov.cn]

The third chapter was themed as a show of national art. Children's dances Jianchuanghua and Dadongbei showed wonderful scenes of NE China and the Peking opera Women General of the Yang Family captured the quintessence of classical Chinese culture. The Mongolian song Zouma showed the charm of that country’s songs.

3rd Jilin Citizens' Cultural Festival held in Changchun
The dance of the Chinese dream.[Photo provided to ejilin.gov.cn]

The last chapter was about the hope of Jilin people for China. The Korean dance Yapaiwu is a Korean intangible heritage, the Dance of Changbai Mountain recounted the profound history of the Changban Mountain area, and poetry recitations glorified the greatness of the Chinese Long March. The Song of Little Dream and Big dream and the dance of the Chinese dream expressed every citizen's hopes for Jilin.

The quintessence of Chinese culture, Beijing opera, was in wonderful combination with Jilin local operas. Cui Qin, Bian Guirong, Sun Dongdong, Peng Yang and other outstanding young singers showed their unique skills.

The 3rd Jilin Citizens' Cultural Festival brilliantly showed the outcome of the cultural construction of Jilin province.