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  • Treat mothers to brunch

    2012-04-28 10:29

    Celebrate Mother's Day with brunch at Flavorz All-Day Dining Restaurant, The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen.

  • Shenzhen 'most charitable city'

    2011-08-28 16:38

    Shenzhen is the most generous city on the mainland, according to a ranking of Chinese cities' philanthropy released on Aug 26.

  • Dafen village not just an art factory

    2011-08-22 10:20

    Located in Shenzhen's Buji town, covering an area of 0.4 square km, Dafen village is the most influential oil painting base in the world.

  • Shaolin martial arts at the Shenzhen Universiade

    2011-08-18 13:19

    Performers from Songshan Shaolin Temple gave a jaw-dropping performance at Shenzhen Universiade.

  • Dunhuang art exhibition

    2011-07-25 18:28

    Dunhuang art exhibition opened in Shenzhen on July 20. Cultural relics including paintings and sculptures will be exhibited for 80 days.

  • A closer look at Shenzhen Bay Sports Center

    2011-07-07 13:30

    A closer look at Shenzhen Bay Sports Center

  • Shenzhen boasts alluring scenery

    2011-07-07 13:06

    Located in a sub-tropical maritime region, Shenzhen is visited by typhoons three or four times a year but most of the time it enjoys sunny days and gentle sea winds with an average temperature of around 22.4C year-round.

  • Hotel listings

    2010-04-12 10:12

    Bloo dining at Park Plaza Beijing Wangfujing prepares traditional Singaporean cuisine at a special lunch buffet promotion.