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Jay Chou: 'Bedtime Stories'

[2016-07-19 09:52]

Music video of Jay Chou's latest single "Bedtime Stories".

Jay Chou promotes new album 'Bedtime Stories'

[2016-07-18 13:23]

Singer Jay Chou attends a promotion campaign for his new album "Bedtime Stories" in Taipei on July 16, 2016. The album was released on June 24.

'The Voice of China 4' returns with Jay Chou

[2015-07-20 15:05]

Season four of the popular TV hit "The Voice of China" was broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite Television on July 17 with Taiwan pop megastar Jay Chou as a new coach.

Singer Jay Chou welcomes baby girl

[2015-07-14 09:46]

Mandopop singer Jay Chou is officially a dad. It's been reported that his model wife, Hannah Quinlivan, gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday.

Jay Chou to coach on Season 4 of The Voice of China

[2015-02-03 16:48]

Singer Jay Chou is to be a coach on season 4 of The Voice of China.

Star's marriage is 'bittersweet' news for fans

[2015-01-19 07:27]

Liu Jiao and a bunch of her music-loving peers were "heartbroken" at the news that Chinese pop icon Jay Chou married Hannah Quinlivan, a 21-year-old actress and model, in Britain on Saturday.

Chinese pop icon Jay Chou confirms wedding date

[2014-12-23 15:24]

Mandopop icon Jay Chou personally confirmed that he will tie the knot with his Taiwan-Australian girlfriend, Hannah Quinlivan, on Jan 18, which also marks his 36th birthday.

China's actors-turned directors

[2014-11-26 06:13]

There is a trend in China's film industry – those who were performing in front of the camera are shifting behind the lens as directors.

Jay Chou reveals personal photos with fiancée

[2014-11-18 10:40]

Taiwan-born pop icon Jay Chou has finally shared photos of him and his fiancée, Hannah Quinlivan, together on Chou's official Weibo account.

Jay Chou: 'Can't delay marriage' any longer

[2014-09-17 08:54]

Mandopop icon Jay Chou is dropping not-so-subtle hints that wedding bells are in his immediate future.

Top 10 anti-drug ambassadors in China

[2014-08-27 04:12]

Many stars in the industry, such as Jackie Chan, have given us good examples of drug use prevention.

Jay Chou vows to get married before Jan

[2014-06-30 10:12]

Chinese pop star Jay Chou on June 24, 2014, declares his wish to get married in January. Chou has been dating Hannah Quinlivan for nearly four years.

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