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China International Travel Mart 2009

CITM is an annual event that is held in Shanghai and Kunming alternatively. As the largest professional travel mart in Asia, CITM has drawn the attention of people in the tourism industry worldwide.

Travel Picks: Top 10 fairylands in Yunnan Province

Yunnan has some of the most magical and diverse sceneries in all of China. Here come the top 10 beautiful fairylands which will impress and intrigue you.

Yunnan Attractions
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Reaching out to the world

Yunnan province will be a major tourism destination and double the number of visitors within six years by showcasing its ethnic cultures and providing more tours.


Tourists flock to Shangri-La despite economic downturn

Tourism is often among the first sectors to feel the impact of an economic crisis as consumers keep a firm grip on their cash and wait for the storm to clear.


Kunming Special: Kunming zone: Yunnan's industrial pioneer

The Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone plans to generate more than 20 billion yuan in total industrial output next year.


New Dali-Lijiang rail service cuts time, costs

A newly opened railway in Yunnan province will make the trip to the area much easier and cheaper.

Yunnan 2009 Tourism Festival Activities

Festive Yunnan, Delightful Paradise

Every festival here in Yunnan is celebrated among local ethnic people with tasteful feast, gorgeous ethnic costumes, distinctive musical instruments, melodious songs, and unrestrained laughter…


Water Splashing Festival of Xishuangbanna

Water Splashing Festival is the grandest traditional festival of Dais as well as one of the most influential, largest and grandest festivals among festival celebrations of minority ethnic groups in Yunnan.


Axi Fire Worship Festival of the Yi People

Fire Worship Festival of Yi Axi, also renowned as “Mudeng Sailu”, is the festival in memory of Mudeng, the hero of Axi people, who is believed to have found fire.


“Gatangpa” Festival of Banna

“Gatangpa” Festival is the major festival of the Hani ethnic people in Xishuangbanna.

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