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Lv Pintian exhibition held in Guangzhou

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Lv Pintian exhibition held in Guangzhou

The poster of Lv Pintian's solo exhibition Art Is A Way of Life. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Chinese painter Lv Pintian's first solo exhibition, Art Is A Way of Life, is being held through Aug 21 at Gallery 2 and 3 on the first floor of the Guangdong Museum of Art.

Lv Pintian was born in Jiangxi province in 1959. He is a knowledgeable and accomplished art theorist. He excels in a variety of fields, including folk art, handicrafts, modern art and the protection of intangible cultural heritage. Accordingly, he wears many hats, such as executive vice-president of the Chinese National Academy of Arts (CNAA), a PhD supervisor, a member of the Committee of Experts on Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection, a member of the Committee of Experts on the Protection and Development of Ancient Village and director of the China Artists Association. Moreover, he used to be Art Observation's editor-in-chief, curator of the China National Arts & Crafts Museum and deputy director of the China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center.

More than one hundred works in the exhibition fall into two categories, Leisurely Ink Splashing and Sketching From Life.

Lv sees art as an indispensible part of life. He makes ink and wash paintings to blow off steam on holidays. He even makes time to sketch when he is on business trips. His creation is surprisingly vivid and therefore well-received.

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