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Stunning photos reveal Shaolin Temple at night

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-09-21 10:56 Comments

Stunning photos reveal Shaolin Temple at night

Photographer Xu Daqing captures Shaolin Temple at night. [Photo by Xu Daqing/photoint.net]

Shaolin Temple is a household name in China, but its beauty is rarely captured at night.

China Photographers' Association member Xu Daqing, a photographer based in Henan province, went to Shaolin Temple many times to capture the amazing images of this ancient monastery.

Xu's work Yi Zhen reveals the mystery and tranquility of the temple at night, in contrast to the daylight scene that is bustling with tourists.

Xu attempts to trace the source of Shaolin culture, using images to show the original Shaolin Temple under a new angle. Each one of his works presents a scene in Shaolin Temple, like a single candle, a quiet figure of Buddha, the tranquil meditation room. It expresses a state of peace and harmony in the temple.

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