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Nanjing's Yuhua spring tea harvest begins

(Chinaculture.org) Updated: 2016-03-23 11:07 Comments

Nanjing's Yuhua spring tea harvest begins

Two university students pluck tea at Zhongshanling Tea Company's park in Nanjing, March 22, 2016. [Photo/Xinhua]

A ceremony marked the start of the Yuhua tea picking season in Nanjing on March 22. About 150 workers were engaged in the harvest at Nanjing Zhongshanling Tea Company's park. Nanjing Yuhua tea is one of the 10 most famous teas in China. The tea's cultivation technique is listed as the intangible cultural heritage of Jiangsu province.

Tea picking takes a lot of energy. According to Li Feng, who works for the company, it takes 15 hours for a skilled worker to pluck less than half a kilo of fresh tea leaves. And half a kilo of processed tea is yielded from 2-3 kilos of fresh leaves.

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