Cultural proposals emerge at 'Two Sessions'

( ) Updated: 2016-03-18 17:17:10

As China's top legislative and advisory bodies conduct their annual meetings, known as the "Two Sessions", cultural proposals are on the agenda. They include initiatives designed to broaden the scope of theater and film and to protect the nation's intangible legacy.

Members of the Literature and Art Circles of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) have handed in their suggestions for the nation's cultural development.

Actor Gong Hanlin, known for his sketch comedies, has participated in the Two Sessions for nine consecutive years. This year, he came up with two proposals - one on how to prevent school violence, and another on broadening the range of themes covered in theater and film.

"We've seen a lot of comedies in theater. Audiences like comedies because they want to laugh, but from an artistic perspective, we don't just need comedies; there should also be serious films and art films which focus on people and society. Diversified movies will help us improve artistic appreciation," Gong said.

Traditional culture protection is also a hot topic among literature and art circles.

"Intangible cultural heritage faces big challenges in this modern world. It's very difficult to pass them down to the next generation intact," said Li Yansheng, painter and CPPCC member.

"So I hope the government can offer subsidies to inheritors of intangible cultural heritage so that these art forms can survive."

"Traditional Chinese culture is sort of marginalized outside of China. We should continue promoting Chinese culture and make the world see the essence of China," said Wang Guoxin, painter and CPPCC member.

The Two Sessions refers to the annual gatherings of the National People's Congress, the nation’s top legislative body, and the CPPCC—China's top advisory body. More than 700 proposals have been submitted this year.


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