Remembering a bronze age queen

By Wang Kaihao ( China Daily ) Updated: 2016-03-15 08:14:07

Remembering a bronze age queen

A cultural relic from the ongoing exhibition at the Capital Museum. [Photo provided to China Daily]

"The relics have to be displayed in a certain atmosphere to reflect their values and better tell the story," says Li Dandan, artistic designer of the exhibition.

"Visitors have no idea of what Fu Hao looked like, but we can usher them into her world with a gentle approach," she says.

Nevertheless, Fu Hao is not a common queen who hid behind a veil. As one of the wives of Wu Ding, a king of the Shang Dynasty whose reign lasted for 58 years, she is known as a female general assisting her husband.

According to Feng Hao, a history researcher at the Capital Museum and curator of the exhibition, she led at least four major wars against surrounding tribes. She even mobilized as many as 13,000 soldiers for a military expedition, an extraordinary achievement in her time.

"This reflects her charisma and power," says Feng. "Though we also found tombs of Wu Ding's other wives, Fu Hao's tomb is closest to the palace relics, which reveal her status in the king's heart."

A replica of the tomb has been created in the exhibition hall, and virtual-reality glasses provide an opportunity for visitors to see facades of the Shang palaces, which are created by archaeologists based on their studies.

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