China to blacklist harmful cultural products

( Xinhua ) Updated: 2016-02-04 14:56:53

"Harmful cultural products" in China will soon be blacklisted, the Ministry of Culture announced on Wednesday.

The "cultural products" include live performances, visual arts, computer games, publications, movies, TV and radio programs, etc., according to the ministry statement.

The blacklist will target content such as pornography and details will be published on the ministry website and through mass media.

No application for licenses or permits for blacklisted products will be allowed.

Those involved in production and distribution of blacklisted products will face tighter scrutiny upon the review of their business applications.

As a demonstration, the ministry produced a blacklist of 38 online animations and 120 songs from last year.

The ministry also plans to blacklist businesses which operate without licenses twice or more, illegally obtain or counterfeit permits, or commit other offenses. This policy will be piloted in six provinces and three municipalities this year.

Once on the list, legal persons and chief executives of the firms will be banned from involvement in similar businesses and companies will be excluded from competing for awards or bidding for government contracts.

The blacklisted firms will be reviewed after five years and removed from the list if appropriate.

The operators who disagree with their treatment can appeal.


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