Highlights of cultural exchange activities in 2015

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Highlights of cultural exchange activities in 2015

Britain's Prince William dots the eyes of a sculputure of Shaun the Sheep in the British Embassy in Beijing, March 2, 2015. [Photo by Wang Zhuangfei/ ]

The China-UK Year of Cultural Exchange

The China-UK Year of Cultural Exchange has been going on throughout 2015, during which the countries have exchanged cultural seasons to showcase the diversity and creativity of each.

It launched in March 2015, which included two parts. From March to June, British Embassy/British Council held the British Cultural Season in China themed "New Age". Then from July to October, the China Ministry of Culture held the Chinese Cultural season in England themed "Creative China".

During the UK culture season in China, more than 30 different activities and shows were held in succession, which not only deepened and strengthened the existing cooperation in the field of art and culture, but also created favorable conditions for both countries to go on with new opportunities for cooperation in the future.

The Chinese Culture Season drew to close at the end of November after a series of cultural activities in London, Edinburg, Newcastle, and Belfast. Around 60 events in the field of performing arts, design creativeness and creative industries were held during the season whose theme was "Creative China". The season ended with four major activities that highlighted the whole 2015 China-UK cultural exchange year. In addition, direct dialogues and cooperation between Chinese and British cultural institutions, art societies and artists ensure and greatly foster the advancement of China-UK cultural relations.

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