Classic Finnish cartoon character comes to China

( CNTV ) Updated: 2016-01-05 16:29:55

Classic Finnish cartoon character comes to China

Beloved Finnish cartoon characters of "The Moomins" are to celebrate the 65th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and Finland. [Photo/CNTV]

For 70 years, Moomins have been the most popular cartoon characters in Finland. Now they've come to China with "King in the Moomin Valley". The beloved Finnish cartoon characters the Moomins are here to celebrate the 65th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Based on Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson's books "The Moomins", "King in the Moomin Valley" is co-produced by the China National Theatre for Children and the Finish Svenska Theatre. It tells the story of a family of roundish fairy-tale characters with large snouts that make them resemble hippos. The Moomins were first created in 1945 and have been adapted into TV series and films many times. However, it's the first time that the Moomins have been staged in China.

"Education is always a focus for art creations tailored for children in China. It's absolutely right to tell what's right and what's wrong. However, for those kids of a young age, it's impossible for them to get the point after just one show. For them, nurture and eduction come first," said Xu Li, vice president of China National Theatre for Children.

"'Moomin' is one such attempt to tell kids to be confident, to be themselves, and that it's OK to make friends with those who are different or have different opinions. Over the past two years, our theatre has been making more efforts to communicate with these young viewers in a way that's more equal, tender and considerate."

"King in the Moomin Valley" runs through most of January.


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