Report shows Chinese post-00s' trend of reading

By Xu Jing ( ) Updated: 2015-08-28 17:32:53

Report shows Chinese post-00s' trend of reading

Picture books on display at the 2015 BIBF, Aug 26. [Photo by Zou Hong/], the largest online book sales company in China, released its latest research report at the 22nd Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) on the trend of juvenile reading.

Based on the sales volume from 2014 to the first half of 2015,'s report shows that the top three most popular (based on sales)literature books are the Little Princeby French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,Tetsuko Kuroyanagi: the Little Girl at the Windowby Japanese writer Tetsuko Kuroyanagi andthe Straw Houseby Chinese writer Cao Wenxuan.

The report also shows that 60 percent of Chinese parents choose juvenile literature works. And according to Chinese scholars, this shows that parents prefer bringing out the facts and reasons through stories with graceful language or touching plots.

Skill-training books are always among the best-sellers list in the field of juvenile reading. The report shows that books on calligraphy and painting rank first in sales accounting for over 56 percent of all the skill-training books.

Among the top 20 traditional Chinese juvenile books, the Three Character Primer ranks first in sales while Di Zi Gui (Standards for Being a Good Student and Child) and A Collection of 100 Surnames in China follow at second and third.

While the 1980s saw Chinese attract to Japanese cartoons and animations, the Chinese of the 2000s era prefer American and European works. The report shows that Frozen, Story series of Princess Barbie and My Little Pony are the most popular among cartoons and animations.

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