Who is the winner between English and Chinese education systems?

( Xinhua ) Updated: 2015-08-20 11:40:36

Who is the winner between English and Chinese education systems?

A file photo of British students doing homework in the classroom.

A Chinese win, Strowger said, would mean the school having to take a hard look at what it was doing and what the school believed in.

The pride and reputation of the education systems of China and England rested on a four hour exam, testing science, maths and mandarin. At stake was a competition between two completely different styles of education.

Strowger grasped the unopened enveloped as though he was to announce a Hollywood Oscar winner.

"This envelope could change the course of history. I'm quite nervous and don't know if I want to open it," declared Strowger at a graduation ceremony attended by students, parents and staff.

Describing it as a "moment of truth" he announced the independently verified results showing the average marks in three subjects tested. Maths -- China 67.74, Bohunt ordinary class 54.84, Mandarin -- China 46.88, Bohunt 36.46 and in Science a resounding win for China. A clean sweep for the Chinese method of teaching in all three categories.

Teacher Li Aiyun, beaming a huge smile, summed up the emotions, when she shouted: "It happened, the miracle really happened."

After the results Strowger said the way students in China showed respect to their teachers was something "we ought to have in this country."

As the Chinese teachers said their goodbyes, their sometimes-reluctant and troublesome students shed tears at the parting.

Student Rosie commented: "This has been one of the weirdest yet amazing experiences we have ever had. I can speak for all of us when I say we will never forget it."

The clash between the two education systems was aired in a three-part series on peaktime British television on the BBC, the final episode, revealing the results, shown Tuesday.

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