Mysterious Song Dynasty tomb found in cattle farm

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Mysterious Song Dynasty tomb found in cattle farm

Photo shows the ancient tomb from Northern Song Dynasty discovered in Wuyi county, North China's Hebei province. [Photo/]

A mysterious ancient tomb from China's Northern Song Dynasty (960–1127) has recently been discovered at a cattle farm in Wuyi county in Hengshui of North China's Hebei province.

The tomb is buried deep, 4.8 meters from the ground. Its major decorations are tile carvings, including blank door and window, table and chair, lampstand, and brackets.

The tomb murals are color painted, but the patterns are unrecognizable due to long years of water erosion.

Four skeletons have been discovered on the coffin platform, identified of different age and gender.

The excavation of the tomb took several days, and on June 6, experts from Hengshui Cultural Relics Bureau concluded that it could be traced back to the Northern Song Dynasty based on its interior structure and the burial objects unearthed.

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