Thanks for the memories

By Shao Xizhi ( Shanghai Star ) Updated: 2014-08-03 09:37:00

I am constantly surprised by this ever-expanding megalopolis. It seems like the frontier spirit is attracting more and more people from around the world to live and work here.

Thanks for the memories

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Thanks for the memories

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There are more foreign companies, varieties of food from different regions of the world, and I can see more artists and exhibitionsfrom different countries coming to Shanghai.

"Living in Shanghai means living on the edge of China's future and moving at the speed of light," one of my friends told me.

"Get used to the speed. It makes New York feel slow."

Meanwhile, I am making friends from all over the world. My British friends share their Chinese experiences with me when we have afternoon tea at Sinan Mansions. Sometimes, I share my adventures in Russia with my American friends. We are attracted by global culture and ideas.

I still remember the first time I met one of my best friends, Hans from Belgium. When he knew where I came from, he suddenly spoke in the Wenzhou dialect.

That shocked me. He told me that he had many friends from Wenzhou, and he can speak a little 'Wenzhou hua' (dialect of Wenzhou).

I love Shanghai because I had my best experiences since my school days. I like its history and architecture. The cultural diversity and the high-speed development of Shanghai are even more astonishing. The most important thing is that I am excited to know and understand more about my hometown while I live in Shanghai. What a fantastic city.

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