Han Han, upcoming film director

By Liu Wei ( ) Updated: 2014-05-31 15:55:20

Han Han, upcoming film director

Renowned writer Han Han will release his first film on July 24.[Photo provided to]

Han Han, China's star writer, racer and opinion leader will soon be able to add a new title on his resume: Film director.

The 32-year-old has just wrapped up the filming of Hou Hui Wu Qi--literally "we won't meet sooner". The road-trip comedy about youth and separation is not based on any of Han's books, and Han stressed during a press conference concerning the film last year that it is not “slapstick” as he does not like “characters-shouting-to-camera comedy."

Han gained fame after he published his first novel, Triple Gate, at the age of 18, and he is one of the favorite authors of the younger generation. He also won three national racing titles.

In the film's first trailer - available online and currently playing on a screen in New York City’s Times Square,several young people talk about going out to see the world. The one minute trailer ends when a man shouts to someone who does not stop lecturing him:"Shut up!"

"I hated it when people lectured me as I was growing up, so my film will never do that," Han said.

The film will premiere on July 24, one week after the release of Tiny Times 3, which marks the directorial debut of writer Guo Jingming.

Guo, one year younger than Han, also started his writing career as a teenager, and the works of both men are often on China's bestseller lists.

The first two Tiny Times films were released in 2013 and grossed 800 million yuan ($126 million). Though critics called them shallow and flamboyant, teenage girls flocked to theaters.

The two writers are often compared to each other, and during the press conference a journalist mistakenly referred to Han as Guo when she asked her question. Han jokingly answered her question as if he were Guo:"I am thrilled that the third film of Tiny Times will soon premiere, and I know Han's film will come out one week later. I welcome competition, and I believe the market will accommodate diverse films."

But he followed this with a more serious answer:"Actually, I appreciate Guo's efforts, as well as that of other new directors, such as Xu Zheng and Zhao Wei. Their success brings me opportunities." Xu and Zhao are both actors-turned-directors who released hit films.


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