Lay off on the horn!

By Laura (
Updated: 2007-07-04 16:39

All cities face traffic problems. People the world over are frustrated by bad and inconsiderate driving but why do people feel the need to beep their horn so rudely? If someone pulls into a line of traffic, why beep at them? They obviously need to be there so you may as well just let them in. A loud beep does little more than infuriate other drivers stuck in the same bad traffic as you.

In many other countries car horns are used as a friendly gesture to say "Please let me in" rather than "GET OUT OF MY WAY".

No one enjoys being stuck in traffic but rather than pushing to the front of the queue, the city could alleviate some of its traffic woes if commuters were courteous and allowed other drivers in and out of traffic queues politely. Your journey is no more important than the person next to you.


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