Tourism Etiquette Rules for Chinese Citizens Traveling Abroad

Updated: 2007-07-04 11:21

Chinese citizens traveling abroad must observe the local standards of propriety while keeping their own national dignity.

1 Keep the place clean and tidy, and protect the environment. Be dressed appropriatedly. Don't yell or talk loudly.

2 Respect senior citizens and care for children. And be ready to help others in need. To the female practice "lady first"; to others follow the rule "after you, please". 

3 Keep track of the time difference and arrive at appointments on time. Wait in a queue to get your turn and stand behind the yellow line. 

4 Be a welcome guest in a hotel. Don't damage objects in hotel rooms. Wine and dine quietly, and don't waste food. 

5 Go in for healthy and cultured entertainments, and say no to pornography, gambling and drugs.

6 Follow the rules and tips on sightseeing tours. Be careful to observe the local customs or taboos. Don't violate or offend against them.

7 When in doubt or difficulty, make enquiries to the Chinese embassy or the consulate. Be a responsible traveler and enjoy a safe and pleasant trip.


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