Tourism Etiquette Rules for Chinese Citizens Traveling at Home

Updated: 2007-07-04 11:17

The cultivation of a congenial and harmonious travel environment benefits every tourist. It is our bounden to be a tourist with refined manners. So please observe the following tourism etiquette rules. 

1. Keep the environment clean and tidy. Don't spit about or spit out chewing gum. Don't drop litter. Don't smoke except in designated areas.

2. Observe public order. Don't yell or shout out loud. Always join a public queue for good order. Don't walk abreast on a sidewalk. Don't talk loudly in public.

3. Preserve the ecological environment. Stay off public lawns, and refrain from picking flowers or fruits. Don't chase, catch, or throw stones at animals or feed them irresponsibly. 

4. Protect historical sites and cultural relics. Don't inscribe anything or scrawl graffiti on them. Don't touch or climb on top of ancient relics, and heed the restrictions when taking photos with them. 

5. Be careful with the use of public facilities. Don't smear or break objects in hotel rooms. Don't vandalize or damage public facilities. Don't attempt to make off with public belongings. Conserve water and electricity by using them efficiently. And doní»t waste food. 

6. Be respectful to the people around you. Don't try to snapshoot pictures with foreign friends without their permission. Don't sneeze into the face of others. Doní»t occupy public facilities for too long. Esteem the work of service staff. And respect the local religious customs. 

7. Show courtesy to others. Be dressed appropriately. Don't go barebacked in public places. Be considerate towards the aged, the infirm, the sick and the disabled and give priority to them. Be chivalrous to the female by following the rule "lady first". Never use vulgar language.

8. Take part in healthy entertainments. Say no to feudal superstitious activities. Stay away from pornography, gambling and drugs.


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