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Xinjiang eyes tourist boom with new airport

[2015-08-02 09:12]

A new airport has opened in Altay Prefecture of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Chinese border guards help herdsmen

[2015-08-02 08:51]

Tian Gaoshuai, a body guard from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, capped a fruitful few months in the Chinese armed forces.

When fasting reigns and breaks

[2015-07-25 10:47]

A visit to Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region during Ramadan highlights how deeply traditions run there.

Chinese leaders reiterate post-quake reconstruction in Xinjiang

[2015-07-25 06:31]

President Xi Jinping further encouraged quality restoration work in Xinjiang's Pishan county, which was hit by a 6.5-magnitude earthquake in early July.

Muslims end fasting and celebrate Eid al-Fitr

[2015-07-20 07:54]

Ramadan, the monthlong Muslim holy month marked by daily fasting, ended on Saturday with the feast of Eid al-Fitr for the 12 million Muslims in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

3 Uygurs get 6 years over terrorism in Indonesia

[2015-07-14 15:04]

An Indonesian court sentenced three members of China's Uygur ethnic group to six years in prison after finding them guilty of conspiring with Indonesian militants.

A day in the life of Muslims during Ramadan in NW China

[2015-07-14 08:12]

Ramadan is an important religious festival and Chinese Muslims are no different to any other followers of Islam around the globe.

Xinjiang muslims say they observe Ramadan

[2015-07-12 16:52]

More than 100 clergies and Islam believers discussed their Ramadan experiences at the Xinjiang Islamic institute in Urumqi, the autonomous region's capital, on Saturday.

Beijing dismisses protests about Uygur repatriation

[2015-07-11 07:46]

Foreign Ministry says repatriation of more than 100 Uygurs is normal cooperation between countries as well as international obligation.

Uygur pottery faces extinction due to lack of successors

[2015-07-10 17:22]

Tursunkhari Zunun, a six-generation Uygur potter, is pleased to see the continued success of his family's traditional clay crafts in the city of Kashgar, China's western-most city, where his works are the top souvenir.

Kazak herdsmen migrate to winter pastures in Xinjiang

[2015-07-08 07:58]

Kazak herdsmen pack their tents and transport their livestock to greener pastures in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region in September, 2007, ahead of the arrival of winter. It is a tradition for them to migrate between summer and winter pastures annually.

Tomb relics spur return of silk farming

[2015-07-08 07:04]

The ancient tradition of silk farming could be revived as part of a project to restore items up to 2,000 years old found in ancient tombs.

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