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World AIDS Day special and latest news about HIV/AIDS awareness campaign

Premier Wen vows more aid to AIDS patients

Premier Wen Jiabao on Thursday pledged new measures to help people living with HIV/AIDS obtain affordable drug treatment, enjoy fair job and education chances.

HIV-positive inmates get help

The second cellblock of the Changzhou prison seems mysterious to many people. Currently 60 male prisoners diagnosed with AIDS or infected with HIV are serving their sentences there.

  • Students in E China campaign for AIDS awareness

    2012-11-29 15:01

    A student dressed up as a panda AIDS patient gives out hugs at Jiangsu University in East China on Nov 28, 2012.

  • HIV rises among Chinese, both young and old

    2012-11-28 16:28

    China's health authority announced on Wednesday that HIV rates have risen among people aged 15 to 24 and those over 50.

  • Dandong offers kindergarten financial aid to needy

    2012-11-28 15:59

    The Dandong finance department will provide kindergarten grants for families with financial difficulties in the city, Dandong News reported online.

  • AIDS deaths rise in China

    2012-11-28 15:37

    China's health authority announced on Wednesday that 17,740 AIDS-related deaths were reported in the country from January to October this year, a year-on-year increase of 8.6 percent.

  • Spanish Fin Min confirms 37b euros of EU aid

    2012-11-27 00:51

    Spanish Finance Minister, Luis de Guindos said on Monday that he expects Spanish banks to receive around 37 billion euros (50 billion U.S. dollars) of funds from EU to help with their recapitalization.

  • Guangdong to introduce favorable policies for AIDS patients

    2012-11-26 16:17

    Guangdongplans to include its HIV and AIDS patients in the province's basic living allowance scheme and further protect their interests in the following years.

  • Firm puts safety firmly first

    2012-11-26 10:04

    A piercing fire alarm woke people up at midnight. Inside the factory some workers were rushing about with extinguishers. Flames were sweeping through an office. Professional fire fighters were on their way.

  • China bans hospitals from refusing AIDS patients

    2012-11-23 21:07

    China's health authorities on Friday issued a circular banning health institutions from denying medical treatment to the people living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Vice-premier asks medical equality for HIV patients

    2012-11-23 15:40

    Chinese Vice-Premier Li Keqiang recently requested that medical practitioners offer equal treatment to people with HIV/AIDS and protect themselves in the course of treatment.

  • More care promised for AIDS patients

    2012-11-23 13:19

    Hospitals designated to treat HIV/AIDS will be upgraded to protect the rights of patients and ensure better healthcare services, Minister of Health Chen Zhu pledged on Thursday.

  • HIV infections rise in Indonesia: report

    2012-11-22 15:42

    A United Nations report released recently showed that Indonesia was one of the nine nations in the world with the highest increase in the number of new cases of HIV over the last decade, local media reported on Thursday.

  • Li calls for rights of AIDS patients

    2012-11-22 15:05

    Vice-Premier Li Keqiang has called for proper treatment of HIV/AIDS patients and the safety of medical staff after a patient was refused treatment in several hospitals.

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