Resettlement gives Hui people a new life

The brand new buildings of Xieling village are truly an eye-opener for those who see it for the first time.

Gansu village marches to new future

It takes two hours' drive on a slightly bumpy and winding road for our bus to arrive at Zhoujiawan village. The view of the grand mountain and the terrace fields along the way is impressive. Unfortunately, a beautiful view does not equal a decent life.

Village to hit the target of poverty alleviation

In a place where one of the fiercest battles in China's civil war took place, villagers in Shenjialing are shaking off poverty by taking advantage of beneficial policies.

Guizhou: A red province in motion

Cameras constantly clicked to capture the contrast between the glowing red stars hanging on the bridge on the attractive Chishui River and high-rise buildings at various stages of completion in Moutai, a town filled with fragrance of liquor in Southwest China's Guizhou province.

Turning mud into work of art

A man creates pottery items in Huamao village in Zunyi county, Guizhou province, Sept 8, 2016. The village is famous in the region for its pottery works.

Guizhou's Weng'an: Marching on new economic path

Never assume anything is always a good advice. Weng'an county in Guizhou province proved how true it is on Wednesday.

Guizhou's Meitan: Serving tea offline to online

If you are in a coffee growing area you are likely to see a photo of coffee beans splashed on a billboard. Same is true if you are in a banana producing region. Just about every country or town finds a way to promote its best product.

Elderly woman, 76, visits Zunyi meeting site

Wang Shufang, 76, is a retired librarian in Chongqing, and recently, she paid a special visit to Zunyi, Guizhou province.

Luo Jiamei: Guardian of Dong culture

To many Singaporeans, her name is not that strange. Playing the pipa, or Chinese lute, while performing traditional dance and wearing Dong-style clothes, she likes to keep her traditional lifestyle even outside her hometown.