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Chinese peacekeepers continue to work despite Ebola outbreak

(CRI) Updated: 2014-08-04 06:53

Chinese troops on a UN peacekeeping mission in Liberia say they will remain committed in the mission despite the deadly Ebola epidemic sweeping across West Africa.

China has three peacekeeping units in Liberia with a total of 558 officers and soldiers and a 140-member riot police squad deployed in the western African nation.

Being stationed close to the Ebola epicenters have made the Chinese peacekeepers stay vigilant towards the disease.

Du Sheng is a commander of a Chinese military supply and transportation unit, located only 800 meters away from New Kru Town, a western suburb of the Ebola-plagued Monrovia.

"The transportation unit is stationed near the capital city of Monrovia, and its frequent operations cover wide surrounding areas. The high risk of being infected with Ebola virus makes control efforts for themselves a tough challenge."

The UN Mission in Liberia headquarters has ordered various UN peacekeeping units to restrict or suspend their non-military operations, and urged them to provide the necessary protective equipment to their personnel.

However, as the only transportation unit of the UN Mission in Liberia, the Chinese troops have to continue their mission and travel in the affected areas.

The Chinese peacekeeping units have equipped their mission personnel with masks and gloves, and ordered daily sterilizations to keep the camp areas hygienic.

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