Xi urges CPC Constitution be studied, followed

Updated: 2012-11-19 15:46

BEIJING - The newly amended Communist Party of China (CPC) Constitution reflects the Party's major experimentation, theories and system achievements, according to a new article by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee.

Xi's article, dated November 16, 2012 and published on Monday, said the Constitution shows the CPC's achievements made during its promotion of the "great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the great new undertaking of Party building."

The amendment, adopted at last week's 18th CPC National Congress, enables the Constitution to "keep pace with the times," said Xi, also China's vice-president.

The Constitution, a fundamental code of conduct for the whole Party, embodies the CPC's nature, purpose, theories, policies, guidelines and propositions. It also stipulates the Party's important system and mechanisms, basic requirements for Party officials and Party disciplines.

"Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards," wrote Xi.

The CPC Constitution is the Party's "fundamental charter" and is a "general regulation" that must be followed by the whole Party, he added.

Xi urged in the article, efforts should be made to guide Party members and officials to consciously study, abide by, carry out and safeguard the CPC Constitution in all activities of CPC organizations at various levels, so as to strengthen the cultivation of Party spirit and boost members' awareness of the Party's missions and responsibilities.