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Focus on top CPC leaders

2012-12-24 13:06

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Editor's Note:

On the occasion of five weeks after the new central leadership elected at the first Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee took office, we opened the "Top CPC Leadership" special column. Over 3 consecutive days, we will broadcast profiles and related photos of the seven members of the Standing Committee of the 18th CPC Central Committee Political Bureau. 

Focus on top CPC leaders

Xi Jinping: Man of the people, statesman of vision

Xi Jinping now leads the 91-year-old CPC, the world's largest political party with more than 82 million members, as it rules China, the world's second largest economy. The whole country and the world are putting their eyes on Xi: What will he do to lead the CPC to better serve the people?  >> 

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Focus on top CPC leaders

Li Keqiang: A man who puts people first

His toughness in advancing complex reforms, as well as his social warmth and scholarly temperament have made him a major figure in China's political arena. Confident, smart and eloquent in public, Li is frank, amiable, resolute and responsible at work, according to his acquaintances. >> 

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Focus on top CPC leaders

Zhang Dejiang: Always bearing the people in mind

"Governing for the people" has been the principle Zhang has abided by ever since he began his political career. "No matter how high our cadres' posts are, we are still members of the general public. We must always bear the people in mind," he has said. >>

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Focus on top CPC leaders

Yu Zhengsheng: A reformer's style

Yu Zhengsheng, in the eyes of his colleagues, is a man who does not follow routines. He would avoid prearranged inspections and then make sudden visits; He is not interested in listening to subordinates' lengthy work reports, but likes to go straight to questions. >> 

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Focus on top CPC leaders

Liu Yunshan: Down-to-earth journalist joins CPC top leadership

One lesson Liu Yunshan learned more than 30 years ago remains as he is elevated to the top leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC). "Get down to the earth," Liu, 65, often tells his colleagues. "Only in this way can we become people of confidence and intelligence."  >> 

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Focus on top CPC leaders

Wang Qishan: Rise of a troubleshooter

"He can do it" was many observers' comment when Wang Qishan took up a challenging new mission last month to lead China's top discipline watchdog amid rising calls for crackdown on corruption. Simply more than a month into his new role, Wang has demonstrated the same style that previously won his fame as a troubleshooter in the economic field: tough, resolute and confident in front of difficulties. >> 

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Focus on top CPC leaders

Zhang Gaoli: From 'poor boy' to political figure

When Zhang Gaoli was born into an impoverished peasant's family 66 years ago, no one might have imagined that he would become one of China's most powerful people. The self-dubbed "poor boy," however, made it when he was elected last month to the top slate of leadership of China's ruling party. >> 

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Focus on top CPC leaders