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Doomsday doomed?

2012-12-17 18:46

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Doomsday doomed?

Doomsday doomed?

Some humans will always fear doomsday theories despite all previous predictions failing to come true.

According to some readings of the Mayan calendar, the world will now end on Friday, Dec 21. 'Will the world really end on the Dec 21?" "No, but rumors about it will," one wag mused.

Although it is probably foolish to believe, it has not stopped commercial interests from cashing-in on people's fears: from the epic box-office movies portraying tidal waves wiping out civilization to the sales of survival kits to prepare for the supposed Armageddon.

Here at China Daily we are a resilient bunch, so we'll bug-out with this special report and see you all on Dec 22.

Doomsday doomed?

Q1: Do you really think the world will end on Dec 21, 2012?

Q2: What is your scenario for the end of the world?

Q3: What will you do on Friday? Have you mad preparation?

Doomsday doomed?

Master Yancan:

There is no such concept as Doomsday in Buddhism. This is a word from Western culture. I see it as a result of East meeting West.

I suggest we nominate Dec 21 as World Humor Day to commemorate the humor of the Mayans.

If you don't feel happy, just make fun of yourself; that is something human beings have always done. >> Video

Doomsday doomed?Alexey Nikolaev, a PhD student of hydrography:

It's probable that there are extraterrestrial civilizations somewhere that have a higher level of technological development than humankind. When we approach them, we will be destroyed.

Everything in this world is temporary, so we should do our best and let it be. >>

Doomsday doomed?Eskey (Liu Hongchen), an astrologer and occultist prophet:

I will stay at home and watch The Big Bang Theory. I don't believe in doomsday, so there's nothing for me to prepare.

But I offered a discount for students who entered their names for my astrology class in January before Dec 21, as an encouragement to say "No" to doomsday. >>

Q4: What would be your greatest regret if the world does end on Dec 21?

Q5: What could be more horrible than doomsday?

Q6: What would you say to those who believe/don't believe in doomsday?

Doomsday doomed?

Deng Xiangyun, general manager of Chengdu Higgses Internet and Technology Co, will give his employees two days off (Dec 20 and 21):

My greatest regret would be that I would never see my company's name in the list of the world's top 500. >>

Doomsday doomed?Liu Cixin,author of sciencefiction trilogyThree Body:

If we all die on the same day, I won't have any regrets.

If the end of the world comes, I will store as much food as possible to improve my chances of survival. >>

Doomsday doomed?Master Yancan:

When Dec 21 finally dawns and you open your eyes and see the world, you will better understand that the world is always there for you and there are so many beautiful things to treasure. Why bother to believe in rumors such as this? Just enjoy your life. >>

Doomsday doomed?

China cracks down on doomsday rumor cult

More than 600 members of the "Almighty God" cult across China have been detained for spreading rumors of an impending apocalypse on Dec 21.

The cult, established in 1990 in central China's Henan Province, has promised salvation to those who join before "doomsday." >>

Turning doomsday project into a rally for hope

Wu Zhiduo and Weng Xiangyu quit their jobs in September, announcing they were going to shoot a documentary about people's last words on doomsday.

The documentary will be broadcast online before Dec 21.>>

Beware of doomsday scams

The approach on Friday of so-called doomsday has caused some unrest and panic-buying.

Shoppers in Shuangliu county and Changchun city, cleared out stores' supplies of candles after rumors circulated of 3 days of darkness starting on Friday. >>

Doomsday doomed?

Doomsday-fearing woman gives 2m yuan to charity

A retired engineer in East China almost bankrupted her family by giving all its money to charity before "doomsday".

As the date approached, the engineer, surnamed Jiang, said she felt the overwhelming urge to do good — so she donated about 2 million yuan ($321,000) to charitable causes.

She also withdrew all family savings and borrowed money from friends.>>

Doomsday shelters in missile silo

Tucked deep beneath the Kansas prairie, luxury condos are being built into the shaft of an abandoned missile silo to service anxious - and wealthy - people preparing for doomsday.

So far, four buyers have put down a total of about $7 million for havens to flee to when disaster happens or the end is nigh. And developer Larry Hall has options to retro-fit three more Cold War-era silos when this one fills up.>>

Doomsday doomed? Doomsday doomed?
Doomsday doomed?

A spherical pod, named "Noah's Ark", designed by Chinese inventor Liu Qiyuan floats on a river during a test in Xianghe, Hebei province, Dec 12, 2012. Liu has spent 1.8 million yuan ($288,000) on building six "Noah's Ark"s in 8 months.

The "Noah's Ark" is set alight to test its performance in high temperatures in Yiwu county, East China's Zhejiang province, Aug 6, 2012.

Tucked deep beneath the Kansas prairie, luxury condos are being built into the shaft of an abandoned missile silo to service anxious - and wealthy - people preparing for doomsday.

Doomsday doomed?

Doomsday doomed?

Doomsday ark a hot seller for Yiwu entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Yang Zongfu has told a Shanghai magazine that he has received 21 orders for his doomsday ark, which he claims can withstand the end of the world.

Two months ago Yang, 32, from Yiwu in Zhejiang Province, announced he had invented a gigantic ark that would be able to withstand doomsday, which according to the Mayan calendar, will occur on Dec 21. >>

Doomsday doomed?

Doomsday rumors trigger panic buying

Candles and matches have almost sold out in two southwest China counties following online rumors of a coming doomsday event that some believe will bring the end of the world.

Panic buying in Shuangliu and Longchang counties, both located in Sichuan, was stirred by rumors of "3 consecutive days of darkness after Dec 21." Businesses and online vendors offered packages of supplies, self-help manuals for the end times. >>

Doomsday doomed?

Doomsday doomed?OL-Outuman:

At the present day, nomatter how the result is,what we have to do just face it, and nothing's gonna change cause life is there all the same. I'm convinced that everything about the groundless allegations of the doomsday just a joke.

Doomsday doomed?


Days passed, somebody left, good times, hard times, but never bad times. And I also went through many of life's joys, sufferings, secrets and wonders, waht's more, doomsday. I'm still here, with all you guys. 2012 is plain but distinct! Goodbye, my 2012. 2013, I'm ready, alright!

Doomsday doomed?


Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery,today is a gift,that's why we call it the "present". Stop regretting, the only thing we should do is cherishing for we 've all survived the doomsday.

Doomsday doomed?


Now that doomsday doesn't come to us,we're supposed to say goodbye to the past where we had bad memories,made stupid mistakes.why not lay down all these unhappy things,say hello to the bright future, and cherish everything touching you.Be Thankful to those you love .

Doomsday doomed?


12/22/2012, still alive. Finally the Mayan calendar ends & Doomsday hasn't come...yet. Fortunately I've survived, kinda like a reborn. How grateful I still have family, friends, even enemies around. Every sun rise brings a brand new day.I'd appreciate what I have in my life.

Doomsday doomed?


So-called Doomsday was over.I never believe there is such a day as a doomsday. Cherish every day which belongs to you.Get down on your work and study. Always pull up your socks even if you meet with troules and difficulties.

Doomsday doomed?

If there were really only a few days to live, what would you want to do? Would you still want to make money, have power? Most people would probably want to spend the time with their family and say goodbye to their friends. In this respect, the Mayan prophesy of Doomsday should be a wake-up call, because the end will come for all of us one day.

For most of us, it will probably have nothing to do with a specific natural disaster. But all of our timelines are running down and could be truncated at any time. The world's natural death rate is estimated at about 150,000 a day, so around that figure is the number of people who will die on Dec 21, 2012, and not by asteroid or World War III.

For the rest of us, let's savor the gift of life. >>

Doomsday doomed?