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ZTE to participate in US hearing

By SHEN JINGTING ( Updated: 2012-08-31 20:13


ZTE Corp said it would participate in a planned US congressional hearing next month to testify that it doesn’t pose a security threat to the country.

The company is the world’s fourth-biggest mobile phone maker and the fifth-largest telecom gear maker.

In a statement sent to China Daily on Friday, ZTE said that it intends to participate in the upcoming congressional hearing.

The company has submitted a series of detailed factual responses to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence as part of its continuing voluntary cooperation with the committee, it said.

ZTE also said it is the most independent, transparent, and globally focused publicly traded company in China's telecom sector.

“In most respects, ZTE is similar to multi-national tech companies that have emerged in Silicon Valley,” the company said.

According to a Reuters’ report, the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has invited the chairman of ZTE, Hou Weigui, and the deputy chairman of Huawei Technologies Co, Ken Hu, to testify at a hearing that would explore the companies' relationships with the Chinese authorities, among other things.

The House panel, in companion letters dated June 12, asked the companies to provide details of their interaction over the past five years with the Chinese authorities.

In its testimony, ZTE said it would demonstrate its unique ability to help provide solutions to cyber security issues pending before the Congress and the Executive Branch.

The hearing could come as early as the second week of September if the committee decides to go ahead with it.

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